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Quality Affordable Audio Recording

If you’re a pro player and you need a pro studio with acoustically-treated isolation rooms, $2000 Neumann microphones & other high-end gear, years of professional experience, and all the amenities you'd expect if you're paying $85-$150/hour, Dry Creek is not what you're looking for.  Omaha has lots of great recording studios, and I'd be happy to refer you to one. (click here for a list)

But if your needs are simple, especially if you're a folk/roots musician, and you're just looking for decent results on a tight budget, we just might be able to help.

Hi!  I'm Kyle Knapp, a local folk/americana artist.  I built Dry Creek Studio 8 years ago to finish and mix my own recording project, and discovered I have a knack for it.  Actually "built" is a little misleading - I upgraded the computer in my home office, adding a professional-quality analog-to-digital audio interface, investing in some decent

microphones and other gadgets, and installing professional-grade recording software.

Since finishing my last album, I've produced several full-blown album projects (some released on my own label, Sod House Records), engineered numerous demo and hobby recordings, mixed and mastered a few CDs recorded at other locations, hosted a talk-show format podcast for awhile, and am continuing to stay busy.  A couple years ago I upgraded my digital workstation and moved the studio out of my original hole-in-the-wall into a larger acoustically-treated room.

Nothing fancy or flashy here, but I'm getting excellent results, at the lowest rates in town!  If you're looking to record your music, but can't afford “pro studio” rates, check out our audio samples and gear list, and if you like what you hear, give us a call.  

Not what you’re looking for?  Check out these fine establishments, right here in Omaha: